Investment/Rental Properties

We offer programs for our potential clients that are interested in either purchasing/refinancing investment or rental properties.

If purchasing either an investment or rental property the minimum down payment is 20% of the sales price.

The potential client purchasing an investment or rental property can only have 3 other mortgages on other properties prior to purchasing the new subject property.

The subject property being purchased/refinanced can only have up to 4 units, and can't be zoned commercial.

You may qualify for a investment/rental property with as low as a 620 middle credit score.

**For clients that are looking to refinance either an investment or rental property you may be eligible to refinance into today's historically low rates with no appraisal required (no equity required) (HARP Program).

**If your credit score is lower than required for this program check out our credit rescore program where we may be able to raise your credit score within a few business days.